Jan 2, 2022

Of Seeing and Making the Future

A Student of Theosophy
Never Ceases to Be Reborn

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Everyone can obtain an accurate view of the trends and potentialities that point to the future. For that, however, one must have some real knowledge of the past and present, a goal of enduring value, and freedom from illusions of a personal nature.
In order to develop a clear view of the next stages in life, one cannot keep limited to the narrow boundaries of a three-dimensional world. It is necessary to be sure of what one wants. The law of clear understanding advises students to aim at improving themselves in altruism, in every department of life. One must not be attached to possessions of any kind, except to a sense of togetherness with that which is good and true, and which belongs to the eternal essence of all things.
The Law produces the future, and those who know something of the Law are entitled to know a little bit of the things to come. Such knowledge refers to their inner dimension, not their periphery.
The best point of view from which to look at the future belongs to him who does his best in building it himself.  
An active will helps people shape their own lives. One’s intention must be impersonally noble, which makes it possible for the mind to remain away from wishful thinking. The task consists in setting the causes of good Karma in motion and reducing the causes of pain. 
Making the future is better than trying merely to see it. And he who has good sense is in no hurry in any way. His happiness consists in working for the friendly construction of a healthy future. There are both dynamic and inertial factors in the wise formation of the Karma of tomorrow, and a firm good-will is the main and best among them.
The Fire of Learning
An essential aspect of spiritual search is one’s ability to die in the world of childish naïveté, so as to be born again in the realm of responsibility and light.
The process takes place inch by inch. It occurs one day after the other, as the decades pass by.  
The student of theosophy never ceases to be reborn. As he awakens to the alchemical laboratory of sacred knowledge, he gets access to the higher levels of planetary consciousness.
The above text was published in the associated websites as an independent item on 02 January 2022. An initial, anonymous version of it is part of the May 2019 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 1-2. Original title: “Of Seeing - and Making - the Future.”
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