Jan 14, 2022

The Aquarian Theosophist, January 2022


The January 2022 edition of the Aquarian starts with “On Building Air Castles”, by O. S. Marden. 
According to Marden -
Some people have a great contempt for dreamers. They pride themselves on their extreme practicality, and are fond of asserting the folly of building castles in the air. Yet every great achievement in the world’s history was first foreshadowed in the mind of the achiever. It was “a castle in the air”, an impalpable dream, a something dimly, and, in the beginning, vaguely outlined in the imagination before it became a real, substantial structure.”
On page 3 we have “Taoism, Ancient China and the Andean Utopia”.
On page 5, the longest article of January: How Theosophy Defeats Racism - Universal Brotherhood Brings Justice to All.
And these are other topics:
* Colonel Fawcett, a Mystery in the Amazon (p.12).
* Concerning the Moral Sense - 04 - Or the Faculty of Perceiving Moral Excellence, And Its Supreme Objects. By Francis Hutcheson (p.13).
* Thoughts Along the Road: an Elevated Goal, a Steady Will, a Sense of Inner Balance (p.16).
* The Ideological Delusion (p.18).
With 19 pages, the edition contains the List of New Items in the associated websites.  

The above edition of The Aquarian was published on 14 January 2022. The entire collection of the journal is available HERE.
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Jan 10, 2022

The Morality of Present Civilization

A Revealing Commentary From 
‘The Theosophical Movement’ Magazine

The Theosophical Movement

An Editorial Note:

The following article is reproduced from
the December 2004 edition of ‘The Theosophical
Movement’ Magazine, Mumbai, India, pp. 64-65.
Since last century theosophists in general have used
contraceptives. Not one of the theosophical esoteric
schools seems to have questioned such a practice.
Therefore the present publication of this 2004 text
could not, and does not, aim at condemning any couple
for adhering to the common practice of using contraceptives.
The publication of the article serves the humble purpose
of sharing with our readers elements of information whose
importance is self-evident. The article frankly discusses the
role played by sex in our civilization. It demonstrates the sacred
character of intimate love. It shows the karmic responsibility
involved in marriage, and invites us to examine our priorities.  
At the same time, there is a clear connection between the two poles
of human love and energy, as mentioned in this article, and the two
poles of our planet.[1] Microcosm and macrocosm are inseparable.
(The Editors of “The Aquarian Theosophist”)
What is the Theosophical view regarding the use of contraceptives?
Theosophically, it is wrong to use contraceptives as it is tantamount to misusing the creative powers. The main function of the sexual activity is production of progeny. H.P. Blavatsky describes the laws of Manu on connubial life as “far-seeing and morally beneficent”. She writes: “The Brahmin was a grihastha, a family man, till a certain period of his life, when after begetting a son, he broke with married life and became a chaste Yogi. His very connubial life was regulated by Brahmin astrologers in accordance with his nature”. (“The Secret Doctrine”, volume I, p. 411, footnote)

Further, by using contraceptives, we prevent the egos waiting to incarnate, to come into the world. Selfish economic considerations have produced the movement of birth control. It encourages youth to gratify promiscuously their lust. This evil is widespread. It is sex impurity which corrupts marriage. Sex immorality has taken hold of our civilization. The best method is that suggested by Gandhiji [Mahatma Gandhi], namely, abstention and self-control. The Theosophical view regarding the use of contraceptives is expressed in the article “The Problem of Sex” (The Theosophical Movement magazine, volume 22, p. 123, April 1952):
“Physical birth-control methods have vast potentialities for harm, because of their unnatural, gross character (since the sex act is not merely physical); and, though the astrological method of avoiding conception though indulging in marital relations is only the lesser of two evils, and was - up to the beginning of the present race - regarded as sin and sorcery, yet it is preferable to the crude and empiric methods of ignorant materialism. The occult influence of the moon and its conjunction regulate conceptions, and marital relations during certain lunar phases are known to be sterile. Indulgence at those times was considered as sorcery, but, being based on the knowledge of the human psycho-physical constitution, it is less dangerous to it than the empiric methods, though the moral responsibility and retribution cannot be evaded.”
One desiring to live the Higher Life must learn to control the animal nature, as the sex act on the physical plane proportionately diminishes the activity of the creative power on the higher plane. There is a direct relation between sexual act and pineal gland. In the article “The Pineal Gland and Morality” (The Theosophical Movement magazine, volume 7, March 1937, p. 72), we are told:
“Practical Occultism founded on the Esoteric Philosophy recognizes the direct and intimate connection subsisting between the Pineal Gland and the genitalia. These two are creative poles, and when one is positive and active, a proportionate negative and passive condition is produced in the other. When the North Pole of the Pineal Gland is active, it creates children of ideas and thoughts; when the South Pole of the generative organ is active, children of the flesh are created.”
“The Pineal Gland is the Heart of the Mind - the seat of Love without trace of lust, seat of Compassion without any trace of passion. In the ordinary individual both the Pineal Gland and the genitalia are active by turns, and therefore he is a mixture of lust and love, of passion and compassion, of evil and good. Our moral perceptive capacity and our mental creative faculties are impaired and distorted when the Pineal Gland becomes only the feeder of genitalia. Marriage as a spiritual institution and the foundation of the Householder stage (grihastha ashrama) offers the necessary means of adjustment between the two creative poles. It will be readily seen why Occultism strongly opposes mechanical devices for birth prevention; such frustrate the very purpose of Marriage. Occultism also recognizes the higher stage in which the Yogi observes strict celibacy for the harmonious development of psycho-spiritual powers.”
[1] Regarding the correlation between the poles of the planet and the poles of human consciousness, see the articles “Human Ethics and Earthquakes” (by Damodar Mavalankar) and “Change in the Poles of Our Planet”.
The above article, first published in “The Theosophical Movement” magazine, India, is also part of the September 2021 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pages 9-11. It is here reproduced from the Aquarian, where its title is: “Has Sex Immorality Taken Hold of Our Civilization?”
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Jan 2, 2022

Of Seeing and Making the Future

A Student of Theosophy
Never Ceases to Be Reborn

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Everyone can obtain an accurate view of the trends and potentialities that point to the future. For that, however, one must have some real knowledge of the past and present, a goal of enduring value, and freedom from illusions of a personal nature.
In order to develop a clear view of the next stages in life, one cannot keep limited to the narrow boundaries of a three-dimensional world. It is necessary to be sure of what one wants. The law of clear understanding advises students to aim at improving themselves in altruism, in every department of life. One must not be attached to possessions of any kind, except to a sense of togetherness with that which is good and true, and which belongs to the eternal essence of all things.
The Law produces the future, and those who know something of the Law are entitled to know a little bit of the things to come. Such knowledge refers to their inner dimension, not their periphery.
The best point of view from which to look at the future belongs to him who does his best in building it himself.  
An active will helps people shape their own lives. One’s intention must be impersonally noble, which makes it possible for the mind to remain away from wishful thinking. The task consists in setting the causes of good Karma in motion and reducing the causes of pain. 
Making the future is better than trying merely to see it. And he who has good sense is in no hurry in any way. His happiness consists in working for the friendly construction of a healthy future. There are both dynamic and inertial factors in the wise formation of the Karma of tomorrow, and a firm good-will is the main and best among them.
The Fire of Learning
An essential aspect of spiritual search is one’s ability to die in the world of childish naïveté, so as to be born again in the realm of responsibility and light.
The process takes place inch by inch. It occurs one day after the other, as the decades pass by.  
The student of theosophy never ceases to be reborn. As he awakens to the alchemical laboratory of sacred knowledge, he gets access to the higher levels of planetary consciousness.
The above text was published in the associated websites as an independent item on 02 January 2022. An initial, anonymous version of it is part of the May 2019 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 1-2. Original title: “Of Seeing - and Making - the Future.”
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Dec 27, 2021

Effects of Overindulgence in Sensuality

 An Absence of Moderation Makes
It Impossible to Have Inner Peace

Pitirim A. Sorokin
Overdeveloped sexuality is one of the main sources of neuroses and functional psychoses. Mental disorders may be caused through chronic and excessive consumption of alcohol which usually accompanies promiscuity, or through syphilis and other venereal diseases contracted through illicit relations.
More important, however, are the mental disturbances directly resulting from libertinism. Constitutional factors involving sexual excesses play a significant role in the development of manic-depressive, schizophrenic, and paranoid disorders. Furthermore, intense inner conflicts, violent emotions, and continuous mental strains and shocks result from the lack of integration of biological drives, emotions, wishes, ideas, moral commandments, and social values of the promiscuous.
In the integrated personality, the “higher self” with its moral and aesthetic values controls the lower “ego” and the animal drives. The inner world of the individual and his overt behavior are one orderly whole, free from major conflicts and contradictory motivations and actions, free from a multitude of tensions and stresses. Such a person enjoys peace of mind; he follows a clear-cut line of conduct determined by his system of values and his moral norms of ‘thou shalt’ and ‘thou shalt not’. He is insulated against most internal and external disintegrative influences. However trying and painful the strains of life, he bears them valiantly. Temptations to actions that contradict his code are unhesitatingly rejected, while calls to actions that are in accord with his “holy of holies” are joyfully accepted and, to a large extent, followed.
In contrast, the inner world and the actions of the libertine are a chaos. Lust dominates his thinking and feeling, and controls his overt behavior. Because his is an organism in a state of biological disequilibrium, he cannot control its processes for his well-being, nor can he resist the innumerable external forces incessantly bombarding it.  His potential ‘self’ and ‘rational ego’ do not effectively exercise their function of directing the organism.  His personality is undeveloped. His ego is shot through and through by innumerable tensions and conflicts; of his biological drives, one against the other, especially the preponderant sex drives against other urges; of the fragments of values and motivations with each other and with the biological drives; of his ‘self’ with his ‘ego’. He is tormented by feelings of guilt and remorse. His conflicting emotions and passions are continuously excited. He is a house divided against himself, whose various parts are at incessant war with one another. In such a condition he cannot achieve real peace of mind, and his malfunctioning organism and his splintered personality make him an easy prey for neuroses and functional psychoses.
The environment and mode of living of sex gluttons are saturated with intense strains, red-hot emotions, deadly conflicts. Their pursuit of pleasure necessitates continuous outbursts of lust, jealousy, anxiety, envy, fear, doubt, insecurity, hate. The hunt for new thrills is inseparable from these passions, which spring up now and then between sex partners and almost always between the profligate and the persons and groups whose vital interests are violated by his transgressions.
The slightest adverse event in the environment of the sex gluttons can precipitate a series of disintegrative personality changes. Disappointment, suspicion, failure, frustration, as well as the vulgarity, ugliness, and disease of their environment can precipitate neuroses and even psychoses.
The above article is part of the book “The American Sex Revolution”, by Pitirim A. Sorokin, 186 pages, 1956, which is available at the associated websites. See pp. 62-64.  The text was published as an independent item in the associated websites on 27 December 2021. It is also part of the September 2021 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 7-8.
* Love Without Violence (by Erich Fromm).

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Dec 22, 2021

Caring For the Tree of Divine Knowledge

Illuminating Life with a Higher Light

Joana Maria Pinho
Across human history, it has always been the Few who open new and better paths.
As a rule, the Few are ridiculed and marginalized by the Many. But the Few are loyal to their conscience, and they focus on the goal.
Through loyalty to the original teachings and to one’s own higher self (the spiritual soul) one becomes greater than pain, stronger than hardships, and can defeat both the fear of ridicule and of being alone.
This loyalty is an inner commitment which gets renewed every day by right thoughts, noble emotions and correct action. Honesty allows each individual pioneer or pioneering group to advance towards victory.
It does not matter when the flower will become fruit.
Let us care for the tree of wisdom, which is as old as humanity. We must protect it from threats, feed it with the water that flows from level of life of pure hearts, eliminate the weeds of selfishness from around it, fertilize the soil with altruistic actions, illuminate life with buddhic light and share the purified atmosphere of our highest aspirations.
The above text was published in the associated websites as an independent item on 22 December 2021. It was initially shared during a Portuguese language study of the Independent Lodge of Theosophists,  in August 2021. It is also part of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, September 2021, p.05.
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Helena Blavatsky (photo) wrote these words: “Deserve, then desire”.