Oct 13, 2020

Thoughts Along the Road - 49

 One Must Renounce the World of
Matter, Before Attaining a Celestial Victory

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

* Theosophy teaches altruism, and a reader on Facebook asks: “Where is altruism to be found these days?” A direct question deserves a direct answer: “Find altruism in yourself, and you will see altruism in the life around you.”
* Although the hypnotism of selfishness reaches many, it is superficial. If you do not see much of altruism in the world now, adopt a practical attitude: make an effective difference by producing altruism yourself and transmitting it to the world through firm and moderate actions.
* Negative thoughts are not helpful.  Thinking of defeat prepares the actual defeat - for him who indulges in such a naiveté. On the other hand, thinking positive in dangerous situations is called Moral Strength, and paves the way to victory.
* The peace of the soul is the inner territory to which the warrior comes back between one battle and the other, and from which he never gets far.
* A symmetric geometry binds expansion and introspection together. It makes the unity of the effort and the pause, the sky and the soil, sound and soundlessness. Everything is OK when life is balanced, and when one sees the silence that unifies all things.
* Good discernment is that which helps you distinguish and follow the best method to attain a goal. Yet the very method that leads you to a higher object may turn you blind to the opportunities that pave the way to terrestrial goals, legitimate as they may be.
* Having good judgment from a material point of view is one thing. Right judgment from a spiritual point of view is an entirely different matter.
* We cannot always conciliate sky and Earth. One must renounce the world of matter, before obtaining an invisible victory in the higher realms.
* The most important things you have to say must be addressed to yourself. He who talks too much to others, is too silent towards himself. Take your soul seriously. Say what you have to say to your own self, listen to what you have to listen to from your Self, and you’ll find peace.
Of Being Firm and Humble
* Many have opinions, few want to improve themselves. Therefore the pilgrim must follow his own conscience and not the changing tide of the opinions of others.
* The student of philosophy seems to have the unshakeable firmness of stubbornness, regarding the pressure exerted by those who know less than he knows. And yet, he keeps his mind open and is ready to re-examine his viewpoints whenever he confronts meaningful information which can improve his guiding system. Good-willing help is always welcome to him. He has patience and knows that in due time the fruits of a good effort will emerge.
Thoughts Along the Road - 49was published as an independent text on 13 October 2020.  An initial version of it, with no indication as to the name of the author, is included in “The Aquarian Theosophist”, July 2019 edition, pp. 7-8. (There was no “Thoughts Along the Road” in the June 2019 edition of the journal.)
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