Oct 21, 2020

The Lesson of the Sun in Libra

 The Law of Equilibrium Makes Us
Widen Our Horizon and Live in Solidarity

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Starting around 23 September, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and constitutes the turning point of the annual cycle. Having the scales as a symbol, this is the time of transition and balance between the two halves of the journey.
Libra brings us springtime in the Southern hemisphere, and inaugurates autumn in the Northern hemisphere.  Most of humanity lives in the north of the planet. There the sign of Libra opens the season of snow, quietness and introspection.  In winter, the presence and influence of fire and heat are equally decisive, but they are mainly inner.
In Libra, life begins to take refuge in its own essence. The soul renounces the highest point of its external manifestation and begins to take deeper spiritual lessons while getting ready for the final phase of the yearly journey.
Every spiritual soul belongs to the transcendent territory of unlimited harmony. Until Libra - the turning point - the pilgrim is mainly concerned with himself or his presence in the world. During the period of the Scales the spirit begins the journey back home through the path of altruism, and feels that its priority is the practice of mutual help and mutual respect in relationships.
In Libra the pilgrim gives importance to others. There is a need to treat our fellow beings as we want them to treat us. The symmetry of life is now perceived as self-evident: “that which one sows, one reaps”. The pilgrim learns the rule of reciprocity. In autumn as in spring, solidarity is an essential factor.
Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra needs to see beauty and well-being in all things. After carefully improving the terrestrial aspects of life during the sign of Virgo, the soul now turns its focus to the heavenly ideal of synthesis and elevation. The soul will learn several valuable lessons in different signs before culminating the journey and closing the cycle in Pisces, the last of the zodiac, the territory of fullness and self-forgetfulness, whose main lesson is to be one with the universe.
Nothing ceases to exist, nothing is created, everything changes in appearance all the time. No human being ever dies, but each individual must get from time to time in complete unity with the universe, to be reborn later in another form on the plane of self-conscious life. The law of nature is the law of eternal renewal, and the journey of the sun across the sky throughout each year is a symbol of the soul’s journey through different incarnations. In Libra a gradual transition begins to the territory of transcendence.
Anna Maria Costa Ribeiro offers us an image to describe this sign:
“The Sun emerges on the horizon. Two birds are on the tree of life.  One of them eats the fruit of immortality while the other looks on, happy to see the victory of his colleague.” [1]
In Libra human soul experiences the power of fraternity. However, the element of Libra is air. When too busy harmonizing everything on the immediate plane of appearances, the action of the sign becomes groundless and its results disappear into thin air. In unfavorable circumstances, Libra’s sense of orientation can dissolve and thoughts have no relation to practice. The paralyzing effect of fear of conflict can be avoided by adopting clear goals that are based on stable decisions, thanks to a sober intention.
The symmetrical opposite of Libra is Aries, one of the most impulsive signs and the most pioneering of the zodiac. Libra and Aries complement each other. Mutual learning is for them a valuable resource. [2]
All humans have the balancing factor of Libra in somewhere their aura and can consciously use it. With greater or lesser ease, everyone is able to apply it to increase efficiency in daily action.
Common sense teaches the energy of Libra in each pilgrim that the search of beauty and harmony must be elevated to the realm of the immortal soul and liberated from its purely material aspects. Libra must not postpone the ethical task of rejecting falsehood. There is no real harmony in the absence of honesty. Libra is the sign of justice. Decisions in this territory of life may take some time to be made, but should be firm and wise.
The Key of Solidity
Stephen Arroyo highlights the fact that like Gemini and Aquarius - the other Air signs - Libra can use the practice of constancy as a tool to overcome its limitations. [3]
Through a solid attitude and a firm commitment, this sensible sign avoids the danger of getting lost in doubts, dilemmas and contradictions. In order to break deadlocks, dialogue with the sign of Aries is always worthwhile.
The experienced soul learns to combine an understanding of the immense diversity of human possibilities with the concrete creative action that needs to be developed here and now. The well-informed Libra works in a time line that transcends the short term and includes transmutation. For such a pilgrim, the possibilities of the present are defined by the law of fraternity. He knows that the principle of cooperation also explains the origin and the future of human beings.
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The article “The Lesson of the Sun in Libra” was published in the associated websites on 21 October 2020, as the Sun was at the 28th degree of Libra.
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