Aug 19, 2020

The Lesson of the Sun in Leo

True Power is the Power
To Help Life as a Whole

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Starting around 23 July, the zodiacal sign of Leo, or Lion, expands in human hearts luminous virtues like courage, love and loyalty.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo enlightens life as a whole. It stimulates both generosity and self-confidence, and the two are necessary for people to be sincere.

Selfish forms of pride must be avoided when the Sun is in Leo for they are shallow distortions of self-esteem and lead but to losses of time and disappointment.

Leo is a sign of kingship, of royalty, of enduring leadership and authentic nobility of heart.

An Eastern Master of the Wisdom mentioned three qualities that are needed by those who seek for divine knowledge, and which relate to the higher aspects of Leo-consciousness. He said that the student must bear always in mind a few words of Tennyson:

“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control,
These three alone lead life to sovereign power.” [1]

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. Here the soul experiences life from the point of view of its center. The solar fire of Leo irradiates strength and vitality to those around. The sign is “a time of abundant growth and glorious warmth”.

In physical and spiritual terms, Leo and the Sun rule the heart of human beings. Psychologically, “Leo represents the search for self through the creative urge and a desire to affect the immediate environment so that it reflects favourably the individual identity of the ego.” [2]

Leo profoundly needs to be seen as a reliable leader whose goodwill is authentic.

The sign of the Sun demonstrates that being a king or head of state means living to benefit the people. Real power is the power of helping all life. In order to be happy, a Leo person needs to live so as to serenely benefit others from a position and attitude that is innerly firm, luminous, and stable.

Leo, Gold and the Seven Rays

Helena Blavatsky writes that “the Sun is the giver of life to the whole planetary system; the Moon is the giver of life to our globe”. [3]

The sign of Leo correlates to gold among metals and transmits to men the sunny magnetism of the centre of existence. “Leo responds to life’s stimuli with an enthusiastic but steady spirit, offering a constant strength to any pursuit”. [4]

There is a collective dimension to our king-star, for the Sun has seven mystic rays, which apply to the different states of consciousness.

Blavatsky writes:

“The names of the Seven Rays - which are, Sushumna, Harikesa, Viswakarman, Viswatryarchas, Sannaddha, Sarvavasu and Swaraj - are all mystical, and each has its distinct application in a distinct state of consciousness, for occult purposes. The Sushumna, which, as said in the Nirukta (II, 6), is only to light up the moon, is the ray nevertheless cherished by the initiated Yogis. The totality of the Seven Rays spread through the Solar system constitute, so to say, the physical Upadhi (basis) of the Ether of Science; in which Upadhi, light, heat, electricity, etc., etc., - the forces of orthodox science - correlate to produce their terrestrial effects. As psychic and spiritual effects, they emanate from, and have their origin in, the supra-solar Upadhi, in the ether of the Occultist - or Akasha.” [5]

The energy of Leo is septenary, therefore. It includes at the same time the contrast and the unity between Earth and Sky.  Contrast invites us to learn and evolve. The alchemy of self-knowledge makes it possible for the heat of the Sun and Leo to become light, and for a narrow light to gradually emerge as universal love and knowledge, or Spiritual Light.

Blavatsky explains:

“Light and heat are the ghost or shadow of matter in motion.”

And she quotes from Leslie’s “Fluid Theory of Light and Heat”, in a footnote: 

“There is no fundamental difference between light and heat … each is merely a metamorphosis of the other … Heat is light in complete repose. Light is heat in rapid motion. Directly light is combined with a body, it becomes heat; but when it is thrown off from that body it again becomes light.” [6]

The higher duty of the Leo person is to liberate the energies of life - given by the Sun - from mere outward forms, and to make sure that the soul can use the outward forms without becoming their prisoner. Such a transcendence task is shared by the other signs of the zodiac.

Pride results from the false identification of life with the outward or personal form. Real majesty, on the other hand, is the product of a basic understanding: that true light cannot be limited by outward encasements.

Every being has the Leo factor in his or her inner nature and astrological chart. All forms of life possess a profound dignity in themselves. The “royal blood” of the Sun is present in every atom of our solar system. 

There are no boundaries for the sun’s spiritual light. We all are therefore descendants of Atma, which represents the spirit of stars. Every man and woman has royal blood in their spiritual veins, and they must learn to act accordingly, sooner or later.

Placidness for the Spirits of Fire

The process of self-improvement is complex and takes time. Life is not always easy, and Fire is the element corresponding to Leo. As Stephen Arroyo discusses the relationship of signs to elements, he quotes Paracelsus. The nature spirits that correspond to the element Fire are the salamanders, and they can be controlled chiefly through placidity.

Arroyo clarifies:

“The Fire signs [Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius] can curb the extreme uses of their energy by consciously cultivating a tranquil, placid state of contentment. If the fire signs can learn this art of calmly accepting life in the here and now, they would avoid a great deal of stress and wasted energy.” [7]

Whenever a student of philosophy understands the septenary character of the Sun, he can have a better relationship in his daily existence with the spiritual essence of celestial life.


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