Apr 24, 2020

Thoughts Along the Road - 44

Expanding One’s Magnetic
Affinity With The Sacred Side of Life

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

* By controlling the desire for personal satisfaction, one strengthens his will to act with efficiency.  As we renounce to comfort, victory becomes possible. The fulfilment of duty produces enduring happiness, and a clear conscience is the greatest blessing.

* All that goes up, goes down. That which goes away, comes back. The thought which we feed and send forth to others will get to them in one way or another, and will come back to us. Remembering this fact enables us to be friendly towards those whose mistakes we consider easy to see, and which may be real or perhaps not.

* All of us make mistakes, and all can learn from them.

* The ability to identify errors is important, but personal criticism should be avoided as much as possible. Although we seldom can correct other people’s mistakes, nothing can prevent us from correcting our own.

* The mind of a pilgrim is like a compass. Its needle constantly points to that with which the consciousness of the students has the strongest karmic affinity.

* The needle of the pilgrim’s mental and emotional compass invariably points to that which he considers “most meaningful”, regardless of being luminous or not. Such a “needle” indicates those things that he subconsciously or supraconsciously feels as “deserving attention”, and makes them visible.

* Karmic proximity can be positive or negative, in its magnetic substance and orientation. As a result, every affinity or proximity must be carefully examined by the pilgrim, and the negative ones have to be eliminated.

* Pain tends to repeat itself. In order to avoid the self-renewing process of suffering one needs to identify and eliminate its causes.

* As long as there is no distortion in the magnetism of life, the mind of the pilgrim has its compass-needle oriented towards the real North, which is his higher self, the spiritual soul. His monad is one with the eternal wisdom and lives in unity with the law of absolute justice and altruism.

* If an individual has a karmic proximity with things and situations which he does not love nor admire, the compass needle of his mind will have its magnetism distorted and will keep calling his attention to negativities.

* When destructive and separative energy is exaggerated, the magnetic balance of one’s life is reduced. One then has to learn better and expand his affinity with the sacred side of life, so as to restore equilibrium. The sooner he does that, the better. There is no need to lose time and energy in unreasonable ways. Each pilgrim can be the disciple of his own conscience and a loyal friend of his eternal soul.

* An Eastern teacher wrote: “[The student] ought to bear always in mind these lines of Tennyson: ‘Self reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, these three alone lead life to sovereign power’. But to remember at the same time the extreme danger of the self-will when it is not regulated by the three above mentioned qualities, especially in a question of spiritual development.” [1]


[1] From “Letters From the Masters of the Wisdom - First Series”, TPH, Letter IV to Laura Holloway, pp. 205-206. The book is available at our associated websites.


Thoughts Along the Road - 44was published as an independent text on 24 April 2020.  An initial version of it, with no indication as to the name of the author, is included in “The Aquarian Theosophist”, November 2018 edition, pp. 6-7.


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