Sep 26, 2022

The Pioneers of the Future

 The Silent Work of Generating Good Karma

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

There are not too many citizens nowadays who dream of a better society or are willing to help build a brotherly civilization.
These individuals are theosophists, in fact if not in appearance. Whatever their number, there is one thing that they must know: cultural and karmic revivals depend on a rebirth of Contemplative Life, in the arts, in music, literature, Philosophy and Psychology. Narrow minds make life difficult; broad horizons produce harmony.
Good-willing individuals have as their dharma and duty the need to renew the collective karma of which they are a part, by pointing to higher possibilities.
With facts and words, the pioneers of the future unmask false views and disrupt established forms of delusion.
They are happy to work in silence.
They do so from an entirely new perspective, in which there is no place for hatred. For ill-will belongs to frustration, which provokes defeat, which results from ignorance. And renewal belongs to confidence in life, which provokes happiness, whose foundation is wisdom.
May the builders of our luminous future work with the highest ethics and in an effective, patient way.

And may spiritual light win the day. 

Om, shanti.
The above text is available as an independent item in the associated websites since 26 September 2022. An initial version of it is part of the December 2016 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, page 3. 
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