Apr 24, 2022

Thoughts Along the Road - 59

Sending Peace and Good
Health to Myself and the Others
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

* Whatever I send forth, comes back, in essence. There is no separation in nature.
* Every time I sincerely wish the best to other beings, a similar kind of healing energy is sent to my own mental, emotional and vital principles. From them, it goes down to my physical body, including its cells, nervous system and main organs.
* Therefore, in troubling times one should say:
* “I send peace, vigour and vitality to all beings and to every cell in my own body. I send life, harmony and strength to every part of my being and to all persons of good will. Om, shanti.”
* In order to compensate for unnecessary suffering, or perhaps to prevent it, one may send the energy of thankfulness to the different parts of his physical organism, and to his fellow beings as well.
* By expanding the power of good will, our existence is improved. It is an intelligent thing to do, to purify oneself, to wish the best to those around us, and make the Meaningful Journey from ignorance to universal compassion.
The Karma and the History
* When common sense and good sense are lost by many, this is a sure sign that the time for readjustment has come and everyone must make a choice. Omission in matters of ethics and karma is also a choice, but not the best one.
* The seeker of truth must unmask the illusory feeling according to which, “in order to have inner peace, one must first obtain better circumstances in this and that situation”. Postponing right action is not a wise policy.
* One’s daily discipline must provide for the experience of closeness to nothingness.  Meditation includes a feeling of friendship for the void.
* Peace is found in silence, and silence - being inner - can be established in the middle of noise, and then expand.
* The act of accepting silence and bliss is not always easy, for it must be unconditional. How many excuses are subconsciously presented as reasons to postpone the calm tranquillity that paves the way to discernment?
* There are moments in the Karma and the History of mankind when the tide of events changes so as to bring about a closer contact between actions and the One Law.
* Just as space exists around each object, every existential Effort must be surrounded by a corresponding Void. Our nurturing contact with the Void gives us plenitude, inspiration, rest, and renewal. In the interaction between Work and Rest, both terms of the equation are enriched by their alternation.
That Which Depends on Us
* Pure space is like voluntary silence. It is equivalent to wisdom. True consciousness is free from any particular object or thought, for it includes and transcends them all.
* Silence and will-power combined gather magnetic strength and higher potentialities. Inner power is provided by doing less than we can. A master wrote in the Letter 55 of “The Mahatma Letters” that the warriors of the one divine Verity must nourish their moral strength and not waste it upon trifles.
* Any enduring sentiment of frustration regarding circumstances or other beings unleashes an assault against one’s antahkarana, and threatens the bridge that links one’s lower self to his spiritual soul.
* Regardless of the amount of social misunderstanding around us, our fundamental feeling must be of respect for those who think differently. Even when cooperation is not possible and firm action is necessary, one must keep the door open to mutual help at the proper time.
* Probation and karmic fever are passing events, while the souls remain. By abstaining from blind action and useless feelings, we keep away from wasting valuable time - and energy.
* We must remember that our failures are the ones which depend mainly on us. Not paying too much attention to supposed mistakes of others liberates us to struggle with our own errors, and correct them.
The above article was published as an independent item in the associated websites on 24 April 2022. An initial version of it - with no indication as to the name of the author - is part of the June 2020 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 9-10. 
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