Dec 14, 2017

The Theosophist, 1879-1880

Volume I of the Monthly Journal Devoted
To Oriental Philosophy, Art and Occultism

Helena P. Blavatsky (Ed.)

 Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891) founded “The
Theosophist” in 1879 and edited it for a few years


Readers are invited to see the article “Journals According to the Mahatmas” in our  associated websites. The text is part of the 2013 book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature”, by Carlos Cardoso Aveline.


On 14 September 2016, after examining the state of the esoteric movement worldwide, a group of students decided to found the Independent Lodge of Theosophists. Two of the priorities adopted by the ILT are learning from the past and building a better future.