Jul 23, 2017

The Aquarian Theosophist, July 2017

The opening thought of July 2017 edition states:

“There is a natural balance to life, and in every aspect of it.”

Starting on page one, “The Art of Becoming a Lamp” examines the moment when the separation between inner and outer vanishes and the unity of all things is seen.

On pages two and three, we have “The Tools to Build a Sane Society: Outward Change Is Often Illusory”. One page four, “Samuel Pufendorf, on the First Duty of a Human Being”.

The reader finds the note “N. Sri Ram Examines an Extraordinary Word” on page five. On page six, “The Power of Chinese Wisdom”.  After that, “The Mahatma Letters: a Human Child as a Cosmos”.

These are other topics in the July 2017 edition:

* Exaggeration is the beginning of the end;

* The decision to think by oneself;

* The process of time;

* Thoughts Along the Road - the wisdom of the soul; and

* The Writings of an Eastern Master - 03, transcriptions from the letters of Blavatsky’s Teacher.

The 21-pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.  


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