Sep 10, 2018

A Common Citizen

I Am a Compatriot of Earthly Brothers

Olga Attovna Fedorova

I am a “common citizen” as others,
I am a compatriot of earthly brothers,
A common piece of clay in “coats of skin”,
To dwellers on the Earth akin.

As all the others I have a spark within
Which many people have it hidden in,
Or latent, or suppressed by a lower mind
That can discern no sparks of such a kind.

For some were born in comfort, ritual faith,
Where all is known and one is only faced
With practicing repenting and church rites,
Obscuring his own inner sparks or lights.

I have my inner spark in flame, being free
From ignorance of dogma-faith or creed,
And after purifying thoughts and deeds,
Which every person seeking true path needs.

I am a “common citizen” as others,
I am a compatriot of earthly brothers,
Having a spark in flame within, to shine
For them to follow Brotherhood’s true line.

(8 September 2018)


Olga A. Fedorova is a Russian theosophist and lives near Moscow. The above poem was published in our associated websites on the 10th of September, 2018.


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