Nov 21, 2016

Theosophy, Democracy and Nazism

A Compilation of Texts on Polemical Issues

Joaquim Duarte Soares (comp.)

The flag of the State of Israel contains a Theosophical Symbol


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1) Blavatsky, Judaism and Nazism
Message To An Author Who Did Not Study Theosophy
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

2) Blavatsky, United Nations and Democracy
Understanding a “Republic of Conscience”
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

3) Freud, Jung, And Ethics
Beneath the Surface, Carl Jung’s Ideas Are Contrary to Ethics, Philosophy and Theosophy
Erich Fromm 

4) Meditating on Peace in the Middle East
How the Energy of Human Mind Creates a Civilization of Brotherhood
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

5) Meditation on the Awakening of Mankind
How the Energy of Human Mind Creates a Civilization of Brotherhood
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

6) Occult Roots of Religious Violence
And How Humanity Can Overcome It
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

7) The Meaning of the Swastika
Nazi Criminals Distorted Ancient Ideas and Symbols of Eastern Philosophies
Joaquim Duarte Soares

8) Theosophy in Greece Under Nazism
How Greek Theosophists Survived Nazi Occupation
K. Melissaropoulos

9) Theosophy x Nazism in Germany
Theosophists Were Persecuted By Nazism Because Their Aim is Universal Brotherhood
Sieglinde Plocki

10) Theosophy and the Second World War
Nazism, Fascism and the Theosophical Movement During the Twentieth Century
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

11) The Theosophy of Abraham Lincoln
Notes on Brotherhood, Liberty - And Caution
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

12) The Theosophy of Albert Einstein
Philosophical Ideas of an Ethical Scientist
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

13) The Theosophy of Barack Obama
USA President Tries to Follow Principles Of Universal Wisdom and Makes Gross Mistakes
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

14) Why Do They Hate the Jews? 
Pure Reason Dismantles Mechanisms of Organized Ignorance
Albert Einstein

15) Aphorisms of the Rabbis 
Universal Wisdom in the Jewish Tradition
The Theosophist

16) A Jewish Esoteric School
The Quiet Presence of Theosophy, or Universal Wisdom, in the Hebrew Tradition
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

17) La Teosofía en la 2ª Guerra Mundial 
Nazismo, Fascismo y el Movimiento Teosófico en el Siglo Veinte
Carlos Cardoso Aveline

18) Raíces Ocultas de la Violencia Religiosa
Y Cómo el Islam y el Cristianismo la Superarán
Carlos Cardoso Aveline


Every article mentioned above is available at our associated websites.


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