Jul 15, 2016

Modern Science Discovers Planets

Scientists Follow Theosophy and
Say There Are Billions of Solar Systems 

Joaquim Duarte Soares

Our galaxy (image above) is teeming with solar systems

One of the great challenges of science, in which the scientific community has invested a lot of resources in recent decades and years, is the question of whether there is life on other planets.

It is a subject that also fascinates the public. For students of Esoteric Philosophy, however, this is a misplaced question first and foremost, since, in fact, “all is Life” in the universe.

The Cosmos presented by the Secret Doctrine is far beyond the mechanistic speculations offered by science. Theosophy recognizes the existence of various states of substance, worlds within worlds and demonstrates that consciousness is on the basis of the entire manifested universe.

The humanity to which we belong is not alone in the universe. Numerous humanities live and evolve throughout the vast outer and inner space, at every level of expression and conscience. The concept of a plurality of inhabited worlds is present in most of the ancient traditions. This is the teaching of Theosophy.

In one of the “Mahatmas Letters”, written in 1882, one can read:

“…We know with the sole help of our naked eye a number of [planets outside the solar system]; every completely matured Sun-star having like in our own system several companion planets in fact.” [1]

Science is always quick in its progress and, in 2012, only 130 years after that 1882 letter, a group of scientists came to the same conclusion as the sages of the Himalayas.  

They realized that that “every star as a planet”, which means that there are indeed billions of planets. In a study published in the scientific journal “Nature” [2], researchers estimate that the Milky Way galaxy contains at least 100 billion planets, most of them being Earth-sized. The authors declare that “these planets are at least as numerous as the stars in the Milky Way”, and they conclude “that stars are orbited by planets as a rule, rather than as an exception.”

As someone said in the Yahoo e-group E-Theosophy:

“This is an indication that the so-called ‘Exact’ Science has a future. As a younger sister of Esoteric Philosophy, it is still naïve; but it is also promising already.” 

Perhaps it will not take too long for some scientists, while looking at the night sky, to come to the conclusion that many other humanities travel with us through Space, under the wise light of Stars.


[1] “Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett”, T.U.P., Pasadena, letter XXIII-B, item 10, p. 165.

[2] “Nature”, Vol.481, Issue 7330, 12th January 2012, pp.167-169.


The first version of “Modern Science Discovers Planets” was published at the Yahoo e-group E-Theosophy in January 2012.


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